The Baptism Service

The Service, The Questions and some practical advice


We hold all our Baptism services during our regular Sunday Worship service (usually at 8:30am unless otherwise advertised).  The Baptism service is a service within a service.  Reverend Eron will invite the candidate, parents and Godparents to come forward to participate in the service.  If there are children in attendance Rev. Eron will often involve them in the service as well.

We will have a tailored order of service for the parents and Godparents to follow for the baptism service, you can take this service booklet home as a reminder of this special day.  We will also prepare a baptism certificate for the candidate (your child) and each Godparent (or Godparent couples).  Because it is such an important day we like to give you a few gifts to remind everyone of baptism.  We will provide a baptism candle and the Mother's Union will provide a few more little gifts for your child.

We recommend that the parents and Godparent arrive 30 minutes early as Rev. Eron will go over the baptism service with you and answer any last minute questions that you may have.  Please advise your family and friends to arrive at the church at least 15 minutes before we start the service.

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The Questions

In the baptism service the minister will ask some very inportant questions to the sponsors of the baptism candidates.  These questions are important and need some serious thought, consideration and prayer.  When the minister meets with you there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss these questions and what they mean to you.


Do you turn to Christ?

Do you repent of your sins?

(those things that cause separation in your relationships with each other and with God)

Do you reject selfish living, and all that is false and unjust?

Do you turn away from all that is evil?


Practical Advice

It can seem that there is a lot to organize for a Baptism. But remember the important thing is that you and your family are there on the day to see your child baptised.

  • Come along to a church service to see and feel what church will be like.  Each church community is different and has it's unique style.  Have a look at what will happen in the service and look over the questions that you and the godparents will be answering.

  • It’s a great idea to go along to church or to 'Mainly Music' (a toddler group: details on home page) before the day so you can meet some of the people. Some of them might be thinking about having a baptism too, or have already had their child baptised.

  • Take the opportunity to have a look over the material provided here on the website.  It might answer some of the questions that you have and it might raise some questions you will be able to ask the Priest when he visits.

  • Enjoy the party – a key part of the day is being with family and friends.

  • Think about what you and your child are going to wear. Many parents like their child to have a traditional baptism gown, but it’s not compulsory and there may be a special outfit that they’d be more comfortable in – that’s fine. Like any celebration event, many families like to dress up for the occasion too. There are no hard and fast rules – choose what you’ll be happy and comfortable wearing on the day.

  • Get in touch with your godparents and tell them what will be happening. They might like to know about this website and the questions they will be answering.

  • Don’t forget photos  – your child will be able to look back on them when they’re older and talk to you about what their christening means.

  • Why not take a few moments to think about your child and your family. Ask God to be close to all of you as you start this amazing journey of faith.  When the Reverend sits down with you he will be asking you and the Godparents to each write a special prayer for your child on their baptism day.


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