Continuing the Journey

Baptism is only the start ...

Here at Burleigh Heads Anglican Church (BHAC), we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order that each member of our faith community may reach the full stature of Christ. Since the 1920's, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and we continue on our mission to seek out new ways and new opportunities that we can love, care and serve the wider community of the Southern Gold Coast.
Just imagine what we can achieve together!


Where to from here?

As mentioned right at the start of the baptism preparation, baptism is an initiation into the Christian community.  It is the start of an incredible journey.  Where this journey leads you and your child will depend largely upon your decision on what to do next.  We have some wonderful ways for you to get involved and connect with our faith community and ways to help others.  But before you decide on how much you want to be involved just hit the PAUSE button ... see below.

Prepare, Experience and Reflect

Now that you have gone through the 'Prepare' and 'Experience' stages of baptism, it is important for your faith development to pause for a little while and 'Reflect' upon what you did with your child at baptism and what the experience meant to you and the godparents.

For many people having their child baptised is a special event that they share with close family and friends.  The church calls baptism a sacrament - which basically means it is a outward sign of something special happening deep within.  Baptism connects us to the many, many other people right around the globe who want to follow the teachings of Jesus; and of course to God.

For some people at baptism they feel an immediate mystical experience has occurred.  For others it can be a 'slow burn' and take time to realise the full impact of baptism.  A little time to reflect on what baptism has meant to you as a parent and what it means to your child is a very helpful practice to attempt.  It might help to write down what you think and feel and what hopes you might have for the spiritual development of your child.

Connecting and strengthening your spirituality

Of course we would love you to connect to our church.  In fact it is good for your families health.  Many studies have shown that religious and spiritual practices generally make people happier and healthier. 

We have a number of groups that you can connect with including 'Mainly Music' (Bubs and toddlers group) which meets Friday mornings during school term (more details on Parish Website).  We also have a number of other small groups that might interest you from Bible study groups to friendship meetings.  We also hold 'Special Event Services' throughout the year to celebrate significant occasions.  These are family friendly and generally lots of fun.  For more information on these Special Events click the button below.  Please contact us to find out more information on any of our services or groups.

We here at BHAC want you and your family to grow and to be strengthened in their faith, but we also want to help others who are doing it tough.  We provide a food relief service to families and individuals who are in need.  Last year we provided assistance to over 400 adults and over 300 children.  We also provide meeting venues to several 12 step programs.  We are looking at new ways to serve those in need within our wider communities of Burleigh Heads and surrounding suburbs.

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